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About Us
Shanghai Prevision Automotive Sensor Co., Ltd is a mature OEM. We located in ZhangJiang High-Tech East Zone and found in 2008. We’ve focused on becoming a profession sensor manufacturer serving for OE at begins. For now, our main OE products include Crankshaft Position Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor, TMAP sensor, Speed Sensor and Throttle Position Sensor.
With development of company, we have grown into a new star of sensor field and equipped with our own R&D, Lab, Production, Quality team.
Professional team with 20 engineers and advanced development platform made our R&D department capable to go through whole product development. New products’ developing lead-time is short and success ratio is high. For we let meeting customers’ demands as basic point. Germany standards, strict product development and design process, comprehensive test, all these factors make the advantages and promise the instant track of products and imtely carry out of new ones.
What’s worth mention is we established a new, well-equipped lab recent years, and it can go for PV test independently after developing.
Company’s production capability is over 5million one year. The automatic production line has covered crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, TMAP sensor and throttle position sensor. All the main products had got the EMARK certification. We pass the TS16949 in 2012 and carry out it completely from purchasing to delivery to keep the quality a high level. In the meanwhile, to ensure the performance, nearly 70% critical parts is purchasing from international corporations. Inspections go through the whole production. And we will get 100% test before being put in store. The defective rate in 2014 is under 50 PPM.
Based on the above, we establish a stable network with superior upstream and downstream firms. And in 2015, we put our eyes back on the domestic, and continue to serve high-quality sensor for you. Prevision is always keep honest, outstanding, innovative and progressive.

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